• This gallery of birds and butterflies came partly because of the alliteration, but mostly because I like the way these flying animals photograph.

Their body shapes are so unique and perfectly designed for their lives in the air.

The monarch butterfly photographs are taken from their winter migratory colonies high up in the mountain forests of central Mexico. Scientists think the butterflies follow a trail of pheromones left by the previous year’s migratory monarchs.

The egrets and herons were photographed on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, near the famous city of Cartagena. I hopped on a motorcycle taxi to a small town next to a wildlife refuge and hired a boat and guide to take me out into the mangroves at sunrise when all the egrets and herons are preparing to leave the nest and go fishing. 


The hummingbird is from the cloud forest, a unique ecosystem of alpine jungle in the Andes mountains. Bird Wading was taken on the African savanna, near Mount Kilimanjaro.