Where It Started

I find my spirituality walking in nature at night. The absence of noise, light, and movement gives the world a still beauty. I knew from an early age that these experiences were something I wanted to spend my life creating for myself and others. In 2009 I accidentally took a picture with my flash on that would change my life. The flash illuminated a maple tree in my front yard. It is pretty but not extraordinary.

Getting Inverted

Inverting an image reverses all darks to lights and lights to darks, like a negative. Shining a light at night is like painting on a blank canvas. When the image is inverted, the light turns to ink on the paper and shadows glow. When the veil of darkness is down, you observe a thing in isolation, and isolation is where the observer can imagine. To apprehend a beauty beyond nature, but found IN nature, is the ultimate goal of my work: to find the miraculous in the common.